Stepbrother Dearest

Stepbrother Dearest - Penelope Ward I'm not rating this one. I obviously enjoyed it enough to put it on my re-readable shelf. Part 1 was a little slow and hard to get into. Elec was such a d!ck to Greta, and she just allowed it. And every time you'd think he was going to change, something happened to make you think he's a d!ck again. Part 2 was better. It was heart-breaking (I cried) and I felt so badly for these two people who still had such an emotional and physical connection, but who just couldn't get it together and be together. Elec said some things, even if he was just being honest about his feelings for Chelsea, that were so hurtful for Greta, all the while still knowing Greta's feelings because she always wore her heart on her sleeve. He was always using her feelings for him against her, and I hated that she let him. My biggest pet peeve in this one though was that we got a complete re-telling of the book in the book. Instead of the reader having to read Elec's story with Greta, I'd have preferred to read a couple of short snippets, and had Greta tell us her thoughts, rather than re-hash the whole story up to that point.