The Boy Next Door

The Boy Next Door - Taylor Foxx So I totally get that teen boys are obsessed with sex by Lyle was ungodly stupid and obnoxious. He let Kevin use him and treat him like crap, and while it was nice that he told Kevin off before he left for college, they then pretended nothing ever happened and went back to being friends without ever talking about it. And Lyle then tries to seduce the father, who takes him up on it, only to change his mind, so Lyle goes to a bar, gets trashed and makes a jackass out of himself and could have gotten himself raped or hurt. The father then decides they can mess around for the summer. When Marcus, the son and other brother, comes home, Lyle is excited to see him til he shows up with a bf. He then proceeds to be a dick and tattle about Kevin and Jacob just to hurt Marcus, except he hurt everyone, Kevin, Kelly (Kevin's gf), Jacob, and Marcus. Lyle then proceeds to give a bj to the school homophobe and jock who used to pick on him through a glory hole while on the class trip. Marcus thankfully saves him from getting too beat up, but I'm not sure why. Lyle really had zero redeeming qualities.