Life, Over Easy

Life, Over Easy  - K.A. Mitchell I'm in a bit of shock over this one. It's really unusual to not feel an emotional connection between the MCs in a K.A. Mitchell book, but I kept waiting to feel it in this one, and it never came. I think Mason was so stuck on Alex and I hated how he treated John. And while John did ask for it sometimes because he kept going back full well knowing Mason wasn't letting go of Alex, I still don't believe it was ok for Mason to treat him the way he did. It seemed like he was using John. And the ending... seriously?! No apology from Mason? John didn't care there was no apology cuz they had kinky sex and decided to be boyfriends?! And neither of them really admitting or saying anything about their feelings except that they're boyfriends?! Nothing in this story really worked for me.