Under the Orange Moon

Under the Orange Moon - Adrienne Frances I really liked the idea of this story. I'm a sucker for an MC who has always been in love with their sibling's BFF or vice versa, but I didn't like Dylan. Ok it's not that I didn't like her. I did feel bad for her when Ben was mean to her. Even when they did the flashbacks of how mean he was to her. BUT, she never once stood up for herself or told him to F off until the end, and then she still ended up giving in to him, so while I felt badly for how she was treated by Ben, she didn't do anything about it, so I ended up not caring that he was mean to her because she didn't seem to care. She just kept coming back for me and insisting that he loved her. And maybe in his own F'd up way he did love her, but his treatment of her in front of their family versus along made me think he was just an a-hole. So congrats to Dylan for getting her man, and I'm glad she yelled at him at the end, but I'm disappointed that 5 minutes later, she took him back anyway.