The Art of Breathing

The Art of Breathing (Bear, Otter, and the Kid Chronicles) - T.J. Klune So I finished this book yesterday, but I had to think on my rating, and it's not because I didn't like the book. I really did like it. I loved Bear and Otter's little shared looks/moments. I loved Corey/Kori, Sandy, Paul, Vince, Darren and Daddy (Charlie). I hope Corey/Kori gets a man, and I hope we see Sandy and Darren together in the next book. This book made me feel every emotion, and I do say EVERY emotion because I laughed hysterically (even while reading at work, which is not a good thing in the cubicle maze because everyone can hear everything), I cried, and I was so mad. Mad at Creed for his comments about getting over what Dom did because they're family. Yes, Dom may be family, but you helped raise Kid, and Dom is only family because Kid decided to bring him home. I'm not saying they shouldn't have continued talking to Dom and being friendly with him, but they should have told Kid that they were doing so, not let him find out at the dinner and have it be a surprise. I think he's had enough bad surprises. Mad at Dom for acting like this all fell on Kid's shoulders. Ummm... Kid was 15 when the hallway incident happened, and when Dom said he knew then because of the look on Kid's face, I wanted to punch him. Seriosuly, he could have told Kid how he felt, not been with Stacey (who didn't come across so sweet and nice to me as to the rest of the BOATK clan), and they could have worked something else out while Kid was at college. Stacey irritated me because she admitted she knew, so I feel like she trapped Dom, and why did she send only Kid's invitation early? Even if Dom said he told Kid and Kid was happy for them, why not just send Kid's with everyone else's?! Or why not tell Dom you were sending Kid's early?! She just seemed shady to me. I think Dom needed a better apology to Kid esp. after Kid busted him with that guy at the club. I mean really?! Kid saw him with someone else TWICE, and Dom just walked up and kissed him and suddenly, they were together?! Kid should have not allowed Dom to kiss him or even touch him. There should have been MAJOR grovelling on Dom's part before he was allowed anywhere near Kid. And I know they talked about what happened in the hallway with Stacey and why Dom didn't say anything, but I just don't feel like their issues really got resolved, so I wasn't feeling their connection like I did with Bear and Otter. A friend and I were discussing the book, and she brought up another good point, I don't really know Dom. Yes, we heard the whole story about when his Dad killed his mom, and we saw a little of him being a father. He wasn't in the first half of the book, and when he was in the last half, he and Ty didn't really talk about much other than what happened in the past. So I'm kind of bummed because I was really excited for Dom and Ty's story, and I don't know why I'm bummed because as I said, I did still really like this book, even with everything I've mentioned.