Nothing But Smoke

Nothing But Smoke - Daisy Harris This book just didn't work for me. There was zero chemistry between Nicky and Michael, and I didn't understand why they were together. Neither wanted a relationship, and yet when the other told someone they were just friends, they got mad at each other. And Michael knew Nicky's mom was dying and he didn't want to tell her that he was gay, but Michael kept getting angry at Nicky for pretending they were friends in front of his mother. I don't understand why he was mad. I mean they'd only known each other for maybe a week, so the guy doesn't want to come out to his dying mother. You don't want a relationship, so who cares?! These two spent so much time being mad at each other I'm really not sure why either stuck around. The I love yous came across as forced, like they were said just to try to make the other happy or to not ditch out of their relationship.