Force of Law

Force of Law - Jez Morrow 3 or 4 stars?! I guess I'll go with 4 because I did enjoy the book, but I had a real hard time with Law at the beginning and through the dub/non-con scene. His explanation at the end didn't really make that scene any better since I don't understand why you'd do something like that to someone you supposedly love. I wouldn't say that Law grew on me as I still didn't really love him at the end, but I didn't hate him the way I had in the beginning. The whole Winston/Cynthia/Wells resolution seemed rather abrupt and too easy esp. since I knew what was going to happen when Tom overheard Winston and Law speaking at the reception. I also knew who sent the blackmail video, but this book obviously wasn't supposed to be a great whodunnit/mystery. All of that being said, I still enjoyed the book, and if I owned it instead of borrowing it, I'd definitely re-read it.