The Backup Boyfriend

The Backup Boyfriend - River Jaymes 3.5 stars. The book was a little slow in parts, but it was great to read a book where a GFY guy actually doesn't totally freak out about wanting another man. Dylan's acceptance of his sexual feelings for Alec were a nice surprise, but I really hated his phobia of admitting they were in a relationship. I don't understand how a supposedly straight man can have feelings for a gay man and have sex with him repeatedly and have no qualms about it, but when the gay man want the straight man to admit they're in a relationship, he freaks?! If you don't care who knows you hang out, eat with and sleep with a gay man every night, why do you care if people know you're in a relationship cuz I have to say, if people know you are doing all of those things together, then they assume you're in a relationship anyway. I liked Alec for standing his ground, but I hate that he's the one who went after Dylan. I think after Dylan's reaction to the the relationship discussion it was his responsibility to come to Alec and apologize, even if Alec had changed his mind and decided he didn't need the relationship label as long as they were together.

I was very intrigued by Tyler's reluctance to talk to Memphis, so I'm anxiously awaiting their book! I was afraid Noah's book was going to be next, not that I don't want to read about Noah, but I am more interested in what happened between Tyler and Memphis at this point. And I wonder if Logan will get a story too?