Superhero - Eli Easton Not at all what I was expecting from reading the description... I mean yes it had the jock and the geek, but I didn't realize how short it was, and I thought that it would be more a second chance story, that they'd go off in their own directions, Jordy would become a big time comic artist, and Owen would show up at some big nerd convention, like Comic-Con, and then they'd have their HEA. Totally not what happened, but I loved it anyway. I love the GFY and friends to lovers tropes, and this book had both. I love the build-up to that moment you know the straight guy is gonna go ahead and mess around with the gay guy cuz he just can't help himself, and that twinge in your chest after they mess around when the straight guy brushes off the gay guy telling him he's not gay, and you totally feel for the gay guy and want to cry yourself. I love when the "straight" guy has that AHA moment and goes back to get his man. This book had everything I love, and I will definitely be reading more by this author.