Old Loyalty, New Love

Old Loyalty, New Love - Mary Calmes The only reason I didn't give this one 5 stars was that it was a bit slow in the beginning, and she did get a little too wordy and descriptive towards the end. I mean, once I knew they got their HEA after the fight with Ray, I was ready for things to be wrapped up and over. It was nice that she gave some hints about future pairings, but I would have preferred a short epilogue with info about the pack, Quade's family's adjustment and the tease about the future mates. I am wondering if a lion can actually end up with a deer?! And I guess I wrongly assumed the lion was Arman because he would be chasing a jackal, not a stag, so I'm wondering who the two in the woods with them at the end were. I am excited for Arman's book, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's the next in line.