Ice Man

Ice Man - KyAnn Waters This one certainly started off with a bang. I love when books start off with sex. At least then I know if the sex is going to be hot or not or if it's going to be fade to black.

I'm usually leery of shorts since they tend to feel rushed and they typically involve insta-love, but I didn't feel either of those things in this one. I felt a real connection between Rowan and Brett, and their chemistry was off the charts. The only thing keeping me from giving this 5 stars was the ending. It didn't feel rushed, but I was upset with Tac/Theron for forcing Rowan into something he didn't want. He seemed to really care about Rowan, as much as a vampire can care about someone anyway, through the entire book, but that decision made me think he didn't care at all. I also felt like some things still needed to be answered, and maybe they are in the next book, but I wanted to know what Brett decided about the blood slave/vampire thing. It did end happily, but I wanted to know more than the ending gave us.