A Rookie Move

A Rookie Move - Sam B. Morgan It took me a bit to get into this one, but once I did, I really enjoyed it. I do hate that whole miscommunication crap though. I was really annoyed at Nate for being mad at Mike about the Taylor situation. If I saw something like that with my bf, he wouldn't get a chance to explain anything, and I'd have every right to be mad. Why was it ok to hold hands with and kiss Taylor, even if it was only to say goodbye? And after all of Nate's bitching about Mike not talking/communicating, then he doesn't bother to even let Mike know he's ok when Mike's been checking in on him?! To then have the nerve to tell Mike he's acting like a child because he won't talk to Nate about what happened... I think Nate was acting like a child by not talking to Mike about his concerns/issues with his feelings and realizing he's gay and then forcing Mike to talk to him. Hypocrtical much?