Under a Crescent Moon

Under a Crescent Moon - Mercy Celeste 2.5 stars. The story wasn't bad, but I hated the characters. I don't honestly know that Xan and Taylor like each other, even once they decided to have a real relationship. They supposedly loved each other as teenagers, but I don't understand why they were so awful to each other through most of the book but kept sleeping together and why Xan kept letting Taylor off the hook. Maybe if I'd gotten a little more of what happened when they were teens before it jumped into them having sex then being mean to each other, things would have made more sense?! And Aunt Eula drove me nuts when she took Taylor's side. I don't understand why Eula and Taylor said he tried to explain Lenora and the baby to Xan, but he wouldn't listen. I don't remember him trying to explain. I do remember Taylor changing the subject and not wanting to talk about it. And if he did try after Xan moved on the Grimaldi, well then it was too little, too late anyway. I just don't understand why two people who've been so awful to each other would ever be together.