Strip Me Bare

Strip Me Bare - Marissa Carmel So I'm not going to rate this book because I should have DNF'd it from the first few pages, but I'm a glutton for punishment, so I kept reading. I greatly did not like this book because I am so against this weak, needy female lead who forgives too easily, and Alana is one of them.

Alana meets Ryan, they fall in love, and he takes her virginity, only to disappear the next morning. He's gone for 5 years when Alana sees him at a strip club as Jack the Stripper. Now, instead of leaving, she runs backstage to look for him, and when she sees him, she bolts the club. He, of course, comes after her. She wants answers, and he won't give them in the alley, so she agrees to meet him for coffee the next day. Ummm... he told you he loves you, took your virginity and disappeared, and you're going to look for him backstage instead of leaving and then meet him for coffee the next day?! Then when she gets her explanation that he got busted for his twin brother's drugs and was in jail for 3.5 years, but he never called her or looked for her after, she's all forgiving. I guess it's me who clearly has issues because there is no way in HELL that he'd get to explain, or even if he did explain, the fact that once he got out of jail but never contacted me loses him any chance he had at getting back together. His stripping job becomes an issue for her, but every time she brings it up to talk about it with him, he somehow changes the subject, and she just let's it go. She even goes to the club once, sees him leaving a back room with a girl who kisses him on the cheek. When she finds out that they kiss and do other things behind the beads, she goes back with him and they start going at it on a couch that countless strippers have made out with and had sex with customers. And even though the job bothers her, she continues to let it go and fall all over herself to be with him. Honey, have some pride and grow a pair and tell him that it bothers you and why is it ok for him to go to a back room and kiss and do god-knows-what with patrons at a strip club while you're home waiting for him?! Oh because he makes great money, and he's an ex-con, so he couldn't possibly get another job.

I had been looking for a stripper book forever, and I finally came across this book, so I was really excited to read it, and now that I have, I really wish I would have DNF'd it at the beginning because all it did was annoy me and make me mad.