Against the Ropes

Against the Ropes - Sarah Castille I ended up skimming a lot to get to the end of this. I could not stand Makayla. Even after her explanation about her father, I don't understand why she kept freezing and freaking out after he tied her up, and even snuck out after, then she'd be mad that he wasn't contacting her. She was so afraid to get tied up and for him to control her, but she kept going back, and when he finally opened up to her after she nagged him through the whole book about not being able to see the real him or know anything about him and after he said he loved her, she decided she couldn't say it back. She acted like a wishy-washy bitch through the whole book, and then she was upset when he broke it off, and when his friend came to ask her to come to the gym and talk him out of his death wish, she refused (she did end up going, but for me it was too late). Torment was totally hot, and while he was a control freak, he bugged me a lot less than Mac. Everything about her just rubbed me the wrong way. I constantly wanted to smack her and yell at her.