Game for Trouble

Game for Trouble - Karen  Erickson 3.5 stars. My only reason for not giving this book 4 stars is Willow was a ginormous b!tch, and while I kind of understand why, she even said in the book that she needed to let the past go, but she was still a b!tch to Nick anyway. Either she wanted to give him a chance or she didn't, and when they finally had it all out on the table, and she didn't want to believe his story about her father, she told him to leave, then got pissed because he did leave. I think Nick should have made her come get him instead of going to her in Vegas. The bratty, rich girl with the hair extension company was funny though. Loved that she wasn't afraid to tell her dad that the company was lame, and the name made no sense, which made it funny.