Binding Agreement

Binding Agreement - Kyra Davis This is my review of the entire series.

I think I was confused through this entire series. I never felt any chemistry between Kasie and Robert, and everything seemed out of left field. Dave all of a sudden being an abusive blackmailer, Robert being this power-crazed guy who's actually sentimental, Asha talking about using sex as a knife... weird analogy there and my mind came up with some really awful images from that, but she never really seemed to follow through. She tried to come across as so tough and yet she really didn't do anything except help Dave bust Kasie and Robert. And Kasie was just so ungodly annoying. She was wishy-washy through the entire series. She went from not realizing any power struggle, to loving having all of the power, to not wanting the power, back to loving it, and then back to not wanting it. I honestly couldn't stand her. I wasn't really a fan of any of the characters in this series. She wasn't going to be with Robert again, but she couldn't refuse him. She wanted her safety with Dave, but she didn't. And I really hate weak women, and Kasie up until the very end was so weak. She didn't know who she was or what she wanted, and when she would decide she was going for something whether it be her career or Robert or Dave, she always changed her mind in an instant because she was so worried about what everyone else though. Who cares about everyone else, what do you want?