When Love Takes Over

When Love Takes Over - Jacob Z. Flores I'm not going to rate this book because I should have DNF'd it at the beginning. It was slow in getting going, but I chose it for Bingo and thought since I'd slogged through the beginning, I should see how it ended. Most of the dialogue throughout the book was ok, but when it came to the sex scenes between Van and Zach, the dialogue was a little cheesy. I know Van was a porn star, so maybe he's used to cheesy talk, but he wasn't a porn star while in bed with Zach, and Zach was pretty cheesy himself. And all of the talk of and love of sweaty smells and licking, biting, rimming, and rubbing your face in sweaty armpits and butts, and anywhere else possible to smell like someone else and then enjoying the smell stuck in your beard afterwards... just not for me. I don't mind when characters talk about enjoying the smells of their partner, but this one was over-the-top, and it just didn't work for me. I also felt like both MCs personalities were all over the place, esp. Zach who at times came across as painfully insecure and klutzy/dorky, but then was getting off publicly and jumping into bed with someone new hours after being with someone else and not caring, then telling everyone he's not really like that and reverting back to his insecure self. The whole book just came off as a bit all over the place to me.