A Beautiful Lie

A Beautiful Lie - Tyler Robbins I couldn't decide between 3 or 4 stars, but I'm going with 3 because I just don't think with all of the secrets/lies that came out that this story would just resolve so perfectly and quickly. I can't see Joslyn being the perfect mother at such a young age and not being at all angry with Trip. And for Trip to just all of a sudden find out that Jeremy was his son and be ok with that and have all of his fatherly instincts just kick-in in a heartbeat of finding out he's a dad, and to also forgive Joslyn so quickly... I can't see that happening. And Jeremy just accepting Trip as his Dad with no issues?! I hated how bratty and obnoxious Eric was being too. How old is he?! Could he have been anymore petty? And everyone forgiving Joslyn or not saying what they really wanted to her because he was ill was sh!tty too! I don't know... with all of the BS and lies being told in this story between BFFs and/or family members, I don't see how everyone just lived HEA in no time like nothing happened.