Prelude - Shira Anthony, Venona Keyes I can't decide how to rate this book. It wasn't awful, but it wasn't really good either. I felt like the characters were all over the place, and so I felt all over the place while reading it, and even after finishing it. At times I felt such a strong connection between Alex and David, but at other times, I felt almost no connection at all. It seemed to take a long time for them to get together even though they were both interested from the moment they met, but then it didn't even seem like they dated before ending up in a relationship. David seemed very moody, and Alex was always quick to change the subject or pretend nothing was really wrong to avoid a fight or break up, and that is not how a relationship should work. I felt some parts dragged and were boring, while other parts were fine, but what really bothered me about the book was I felt the "fight" was maybe dragged out longer than necessary for added drama. All it really did was make me hate David. It seemed like he was leading Alex on. They'd bump into each other and talk, but as soon as anything to do with their relationship came up or they kissed, David would just push Alex away again. And while I get that David was scared, why didn't he just talk to Alex? That frustrated me to no end. Alex was all too understanding and nice about everything too. I think he needed to push David a little more. This is one book where I may have been ok with a non-HEA ending.