A Little Complicated

A Little Complicated - Kade Boehme Cute, second chance story. Brady was such a great guy, taking care of his daughter on his own since he was a teenager. Lila was funny and I loved her stubbornness and sarcasm. Ryan was a little annoying with his messing around with Brady, then pushing him away and being mean cuz he felt guilty. I hated Ellie. She came around in the end, but I feel like she knew about Brady and Ryan's feelings the entire time but didn't care, and it came across to me like she was trying to rub it in Ryan's face, especially considering she didn't tell Ryan that Brady kept insisting that he and Ellie were just friends, even after she picked up on Brady's feelings at lunch. If she was as close with her brother as they both said, then she could have picked up his unhappiness about her and Brady. She clearly just didn't care and was only worried about herself and her next conquest.