Shane's Submission

Shane's Submission - Erin M. Leaf I was afraid in the first couple of pages that I wasn't going to like this story. The MCs were being awkward around each other, so I was afraid once they did get together, it would be weird and the sex scene(s) wouldn't be good; however, even though this was a short story, I loved the build-up and the sexual tension once Shane and Leo decided to give the spanking a try. So glad they got busted by their exes who are also BFFs. I was afraid the story was going to end with them curling up together, and there would be no drama or climax to the story, which happens quite often in shorts, but the author surprised me by having the girls walk in on them. Glad the guys stood up for each other instead of shying away and trying to hide they were gay. I was worried that's where the story was going when Leo heard clothing rustling when Shane got out of bed. So glad Shane didn't back down! Looking forward to reading more by this author!