Tricks - Rick R. Reed Not a bad story, but I didn't like either of the MCs. Arliss didn't seem to care at all about Sean's feelings on filming the porno; he only seemed worried about his dreams of wanting to be in a porno, and he threw it in Sean's face that it was his dream and did Sean really want to ask him to give up his dream. He then went to on say that maybe they hadn't talked enough about Sean's dreams, so I think Arliss was selfish, but he was very young, so I guess that's to be expected. Sean wasn't any better because he seemed to be a bit of a nag. He didn't like Arliss's smoking habit or his job stripping, but he was kind of passive-aggressive about it, and he seemed to have a bit of a short fuse. It seemed like he was trying to talk to Arliss about the things he didn't like without being an a-hole, but it just came across to me like he was being an a-hole.