Reunion - M.R. Joseph I just did not like either of the main characters in this book. I do get where both sides are coming from. Both made mistakes, but Sam was very harsh after finding out Sav lost their baby. I think his behavior was unforgivable, and trying to make Sav jealous with her enemy from high school?! You're in your late 20s now, and you're seriously playing games to make someone jealous?! Not acceptable. Sav shouldn't have run away every time either, but I don't honestly know what she was supposed to do when Sam said he wanted a break, but he didn't really want to break up. Yes she was going to sit around waiting for you to screw around and come back to her. He could not have cared less about how she felt with her father dying and her BFF having cancer. He just got mad cuz they didn't get to spend a lot of time together anymore. Could he be anymore selfish?! No wonder she didn't tell him about the baby!