The Impact of You

The Impact of You - Kendall Ryan This book wasn't as good as the others I've read by this author. I was very disappointed with the way Jase treated Avery after finding out about the pictures esp considering his womanizing past. So she took some pictures with an ex, and he was a scumbag who showed them around and they got out. Why does that make her the slut?! She loved him, so it was her ex who was the douche for telling her he loved her and cared about her to get her to take those pictures only to show them to his buddies and let them get out to the public! It's really awful how women who sleep around or have erotic pictures taken of themselves(even though Avery didn't sleep around) get labeled sluts; meanwhile, the guys who lie to the girls about their feelings and then leak the pictures are never held responsible or deemed sluts or have their reputations ruined. It's an awful double standard, and sadly, it is real. Things like this happen all of the time in the real world. I felt really badly for Avery when Jase stopped talking to her, only to toss her away when she tried to talk to him about it, and I really wish she would have made him work harder to get her back!