My Side

My Side - Tara Brown The whole being young and selfish and wishy-washy was ok. I'm not sure why everyone kept blaming Erin for running off because if my boyfriend acted like Loch and then told me I had to get used to it and trust him because that isn't the real him, he's only real with me... ummm yeah that would NEVER fly. What changed this book to a hated it, ready to toss my kindle was when Loch kissed the girl on stage, and Erin saw it on tv. She took off and everyone yelled at her and said it was her fault, and she was so selfish that he was ok for doing these things because he was a musician, and it wasn't really him. There is NOT a chance in hell that my boyfriend would make out with some chick on stage and then I'd get blamed for leaving. Sorry NOT happening! And then she so quickly turns around and goes back because his mother is ill?! Grow a pair honey. I know you liked his family, but it's not your problem anymore. Have some freakin pride and walk away, and tell your "so-called friends" and brother who blame you to take a hike as well! Thank god this book was only 99 cents!