Thoughtless - S.C. Stephens I think I'm giving this 3.5 stars. I'm almost as wishy-washy in my rating as Kiera was with the guys. I was very angry and actually yelled at her and called her some choice names while she watched Denny beating the crap out of Kellan and did NOTHING! I don't feel as badly for her as some of the other reviewers. Yes she's young and she's scared, but Kellan was scared too, but her behavior was completely selfish even after Kellan had asked her to choose more than once, and she kept leading him on... she finally said she loved him, then said she chose him to get him to do what she wanted only to go back to Denny. I think Kellan had every right to yell at her and call her the names that he did, and I don't think he needed to apologize because he was being truthful. And while I did like Kellan, and I can appreciate he and Kiera's attraction, I absolutely loved Denny, and I cried for him and how badly Kiera treated him, and he still kept trying and he still kept telling her that he loved her. OMG did my heart break for him! I hope he gets a HEA too, which it sounds like he may with Abby in Australia!