Social Skills

Social Skills - Sara Alva Re-read 6/11/14 for the MM Romance Group Re-romancing the Faves Challenge. I stil greatly enjoyed this book. I sympathized with Connor. I was never as painfully shy as he was, but even to this day, I'm not big on being thrown into a group of people, no matter how big or small, and being expected to interact. I was more disappointed with Jared on this re-read though. I'm not sure why, but it came across more like he was using Connor, at least in the beginning. He was really harsh when he was trying to get Connor to talk to him, and he also admitted he knew Connor wanted him because he saw him staring a lot. He also knew Connor was painfully shy and didn't really have any friends, so Jared knew he could get Connor to hide away with him. I loved when they got back together and Jared commented about Connor being more confident and that was why he was making it harder on Jared this time. I think he should have made it harder on him, but that's just me. Would have been nice for Ray and Connor to remain friends and to see him included in the story even after Connor told him about Jared. And even with my new issues this time around, I'm keeping the 5 star rating.

Originally read 2/1/13- Such a great story, and by the end I was so proud of Connor. I cringed a few times throughout the book when he'd just give in to people or not stick up for himself, especially with his mother (God was she awful!), but in the end when he finally stood up to her, I just wanted to hug him! And I enjoyed some of those awkward conversations with Ben too, like when Ben, in a round-about way, told Connor he thought he was cute. Glad Jared and his friends got their crap together!