Plan B

Plan B - S.J.D. Peterson I'm going with my GR buddy Jodi's rating of why not? I didn't have any major issues with this book or any reason NOT to give it 5 stars, so 5 stars it is. I liked the progression of Danny and Lance's relationship. I was afraid Danny was going to be too twinky and over-the-top for me at the beginning, but he wasn't at all, and I'm glad he did play into that weak, whiney, nagging role. He stood up for himself even though he was in love with Lance and wanted to be with him. He didn't allow Lance to talk him into the closet, and he wasn't willing to not be himself just to be with Lance. I was a little worried about Lance's reaction at the end, considering the percentage at the bottom of my kindle app, but I'm happy to say there was enough time for Lance to figure it all out and assuage my fears.