The Good Life

The Good Life - Diana DeRicci I think this could have been a great book, but it was too short. Chad and Sonny getting together seemed rushed and random. I get Sonny always having feelings for Chad but never wanting to say anything to keep their friendship, but I hated the way he just blurted out his feelings to Chad. If I was Chad I would have trouble believing him too. And for Chad to just all of a sudden realize Sonny's hot and he wants Sonny was totally random. There wasn't really a build-up where I could see him falling for Sonny before he realized it. The whole thing just felt kind of disjointed for me. Like all of these random things were thrown together to make the story, but they didn't necessarily fit together to make it a good and complete story. Oh... and was it just me or was anyone else confused by Sonny?! At the beginning when he really looks at Chad's eyes and they are hazel and look like a forest or whatever comparison he used, and then he thinks where did that come from, why was he surprised if he always had a thing for Chad, and why hadn't he ever really looked at his eyes before?