A Star is Born

A Star is Born - Robbie Michaels SO I'm not going to rate this boo... it's been added to my DNF shelf. Maybe I'd feel differently if I had read books 1 and 2 first, but I HATE Mark. I know right?! How can I hate the guy who was the victim, but my God is he the biggest pushover ever. You canNOT bust your significant other cheating, then use his credit card and a cell phone paid for by him to pay for hotel rooms and make phone calls. How stupid are you?! And you keep saying how angry you are and you don't want to talk about it, but you let him into your room, and he tries to have sex with you, and you agree to go to buy condoms with him?! Then a friend calls and asks to meet you both in the hotel, so you meet with her, and she has brought the guy who cheated with your bf, and while she doesn't really excuse it, she has you all talk and your cheating bf and his buddy apologize, and she gets her say too. Then you all agree to babysitters for the cheaters because they are actors who will always work together. Ummm... ok so instead of yelling and/or breaking up with the cheating bf, you agree to a freaking babysitter?! How about NO! You clearly can't trust him, and he is always going to be off on location for filming, so what the hell kind of relationship is that where he needs a babysitter for you to trust him?! Just break up already! But of course Mark agrees to the babysitters, and he and Bill get back together, and he goes back to HI to spend time with Bill the next weekend. At least take some time to think about things and make Bill work for it for christ's sake! Have some pride! I couldn't bother reading the rest cuz I couldn't stand Mark, let alone Bill, Derrick and Moira!