Bad Attitude

Bad Attitude - K.A. Mitchell I'm sadly disappointed with this one. There were some inconsistencies or things that weren't fully explained that confused me. At the beginning, it seemed like Gavin and his siblings didn't like Lily, so I was thinking she was an evil step mother who's so much younger than their father and maybe had cheated with their father before their mother died, or was only with him for his money, but she ended up being one of the few characters I actually liked in this book. She seemed to be the only one who actually cared about Gavin. And while I get that Gavin's family had money, and his father was more concerned about image than his family, I never actually got that Gavin was always ignored. It seemed like all of the children were ignored, and somehow Gavin turned out to be somewhere normal compared to Honey, who is an obnoxious hipster, know-it-all brat, and Taisy who's in a marriage for the money and image, not caring that her husband is gay. I didn't hear enough from Chip to get a read on him, but he didn't annoy me like the sisters.

On to the MCs. I was really excited at the beginning thinking this was going to be the alpha cop who doesn't need anyone or want a relationship until he meets the spoiled, stuck up rich kid, but that wasn't what this story was. At first Jamie was annoying with his running off at the party and Gavin chasing after like a puppy, then kicking Tommy out to have Gavin alone, but he still wasn't interested in Gavin other than a purely sexual relationship. If that's all he wanted, then why kick Tommy out? I felt badly for Gavin because I thought he really liked Jamie and kept getting the brush off, but he kept on trying. If someone I was interested in kept being rude/mean to me, I'd stop trying, but Gavin kept coming back for more. I did notice a change in Jamie throughout the book. He came around, started opening up to Gavin and seemed to actually want to give their relationship a shot, but Gavin seemed to regress and stop trying. Everything was about Jamie being happy with him, but the second Jamie would say something, Gavin would take it the wrong way and get pissy and start a fight. There's no way Gavin was 33 as the book said he was. He was very immature, and I didn't like him at all. Even at the end, he was still starting drama instead of talking to Jamie. Every time Jamie would ask Gavin a question or try to fix whatever was wrong, Gavin would start getting pissy about something that had nothing to do with what Jamie was asking/talking about. It was really annoying, and I honestly think these two would have been better off just walking away from each other.

And that last disappearance with Beach where Gavin expected Jamie to risk his job by helping him and Beach instead of calling 911, that just made Gavin seem even more immature and bratty. Who at the age of 33 does ridiculous crap like that even for a friend and expects their SO to risk their job to help them? Oh a spoiled, rich brat who is bored with his life. Too bad that fall off the bridge didn't knock some sense into Gavin!