Zero at the Bone

Zero at the Bone - Jane Seville I hate to give a 1 star for this since I seem to be the only person on Earth who didn't like this book, but nothing about this book worked for me.

I could not stand the way D spoke. It drove me nuts trying to read it. I hated how closed off D was. Made him seem like a robot to me, which I get that was the point because of his job, but I was never able to get beyond the robot with him. He seemed to warm up to Jack, but not enough to make me like him or think of him as human or actually having real feelings for Jack.

And Jack drove me nuts too. While I understand why Jack was upset with D about not opening up, did he have to get pissy and storm off or not speak to him every time, which made him come across as an annoying, nagging, drama queen? The guy is a freakin hitman. You thought he'd be sunshine and rainbows and things would be easy?! Please stop acting like a hormonal female, it's not attractive!

The whole mystery part of the story was kinda boring and seemed to make the story drag on forever even though nothing was really going on. It was just too slow to get going, so I was never able to get into it.