Room at the Top

Room at the Top - Jane Davitt, Alexa Snow April really kind of killed this story for me. As soon as I read the first scene with her, I wanted to smash my kindle. I know she wasn't a big part of this story, but she was such an obnoxious brat and then her OMG I'm sorry, I'm just upset Austin moved out, and I don't like change excuse was crap to me. She wouldn't just change her tune like that aftr being the way she was for so long. And I also couldn't stand Austin allowing her to treat him that way. I do need to add a caveat... which was brought to my attention by my GR buddy Jodi. Yes I seriously picked the April thing out to harp on, and she did take away from the book for me. BUT I must admit it's because I have read a lot of bitchy, obnoxious, whiney, etc, etc women recently in my m-f reads. Had I not been having such bad experiences in the m-f genre recently, I'm sure I would have paid no mind to April. I do love the men in this book together. I think Liam makes Austin and Jay better, and I don't mean just because they needed a Dom, but I thought Austin and Jay were a little too lovey-dovey/sweet together, and I think Liam's stern attitude made the whole relationship dynamic better.