Rule - Jay Crownover I loved the premise of this book, but there were too many missing or incorrect words used, or a word in the middle of a sentence that shouldn't have been there. It was also missing some punctuation, and that all made it really hard to get into the flow of reading. I did like Rule and Shaw, but I thought the book was a little long (which may have been due to having to re-read things because of the previously mentioned grammatical issues), and it just ended up being ok for me. I also got mad when Shaw decided to go to Rule's b-day party and apologize and try to get him back. I think she had done enough for him in loving him and trying to take care of him for years, and I think it was his turn to make a move since he messed up in the first place. Thankfully, my anger didn't last very long.

I am torn over whether to read the next book because I really liked Ayden, and I would love to see her get a HEA, but I don't know if it would be more frustrating than gratifying. I am very intrigued by Nash as well, and I wonder if all of Rule's boys will end up getting their own story?