Accidentally His

Accidentally His - Shawn Lane 2.5 stars I didn't really like Kirk. You can't like someone for months, finally ask them out, take them to dinner, invite yourself into their apartment, tell them you've been watching them and interested in them for months, talk them into having sex, go to work with a promise to call, and NOT mention that you have a date set up for later that week. Yeah it was set up before you even knew you'd be going out with the person you've been watching on the bus, but you have to at least tell the guy about it, and in all reality, if you really liked the guy from the bus for months and you had a date and you got sex from him... then you should have cancelled the date with the random guy you met at some business thing a few weeks ago. And then when the guy that you "supposedly" really like calls, and you're on a date with someone else and he asks if it's a business dinner... you can't just gloss over it with a no and ask him out for the weekend. I don't trust Kirk at all, and I think Elijah was too quick in forgiving him. I know they didn't talk about being exclusive, but what Kirk did was really shady, and he knew it was shady, which is why he DIDN'T tell Elijah about it!