The Game Changer

The Game Changer - J. Sterling 2.5 stars. I'm not sure what is up with the bitchy female MCs recently, but I'm so tired of the nagging harpies. Cassie could not have been more selfish in this book. I loved her in the first one because she didn't just give in to Jack. When he called with the pregnancy news, she told him they couldn't talk about it and hung up on him. She went after him and tried to talk to him about not marrying Chrystle, but she didn't traipse after him begging because he said no. Then she told him to prove it and moved ot NY for her own career. She was actually strong instead of these weak women who just take their man back with no groveling or anything but an apology. But in this book, she was a bitch about everything, and I couldn't stand her. He was always worried about her and her feelings, pushing his female fans away because he didn't want to hurt Cassie, telling her not to check out the bar at the hotel, trying to talk to her about what was wrong. I get her not wanting to stress him even more, but she needed to talk to him about it instead of holding it in and then blowing up at him. And she honestly didn't think she'd be in the spotlight dating a star MLB pitcher in NYC? She knew what it was like back in college, so why didn't she think it would be worse in a huge sports city like NYC?! Her leaving was totally selfish, and I loved that Jack actually yelled at her and put her in her place. Wish he would have made her grovel a little more actually, but I'm glad they worked it out.

Now I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Meli and Dean's book. Love Dean!