Undeniable  - Madeline Sheehan I had a hard time picking my rating. I really did like this story, but it was very hard to read some parts. I know the description mentions it being ugly, and it definitely was that. I did really enjoy the fact that Eva didn't just sit around pining after Deuce and hoping he would come to his senses. She moved forward with her life, slept with other people and married Frankie. I hate those female characters that just sit and cry and wait for the guy to come around. Have some pride and self-esteem please.

The worst part for me was when Deuce cheated when she was pregnant and on bed rest, and she knew what he was doing, but she stayed because she promised not to run. I just wish when she walked on him with Miranda when she was 8 months along that she just walked out instead of getting into the fight with Deuce which started her premature labor, and then she just forgave him. I know she made him promise no more women, but at that point for me, I think they both had been through too much crap together, and she should have just walked away because he couldn't seem to not hurt her. I loved Cage standing up to his old man and sticking up for Eva and Danny... a lot of kids wouldn't admit to liking the step mother, even if they did actually like her, let alone stand up to their father for her. I think I'm gonna mark it as a favorite but only 4 stars. The writing was great, and I totally felt all of the emotions of the characters along with them, but I just can't get over the pregnant cheating.