Too Stupid to Live

Too Stupid to Live - Anne Tenino So it pains me to say this, but I was disappointed with this book, and I usually love this author, which only makes this harder. I can't rate this book cuz at about 60% the book did get better, and I laughed a little and thought it was cute after that point, but getting there was painful. I liked the series to this point, and I was so excited for Sam to get his man. The beginning and how Sam and Ian met was cute, and I was upset Ian turned Sam down, but I thought he'd not be able to stop thinking about Sam and change his mind. Instead he was using Sam for sex, and even though he did start to change his mind, I never actually got the feeling that Ian cared about Sam or even liked him. I felt sympathy for Sam, but he kept letting Ian use him and behave badly, and so I started losing my sympathy and patience with him. I get Sam had low self-esteem, and I get Ian had commitment issues, but I didn't really feel any chemistry between them. My opinions changed at about 60%, but that's far too long to not feel like the characters had chemistry or that one even liked the other in a romance novel that wasn't enemies to lovers.