The Gravedigger's Brawl

The Gravedigger's Brawl - Abigail Roux I loved this book, but it was hard for me to rate because I was expecting more romance. In the end, I decided on 5 stars because I did really like this book, and I shouldn't mark the rating down just because it wasn't what I expected.

I did like Ash and Wyatt, Noah and Caleb too, but neither relationship seemed the focal point of the story. It was the ghosty stuff that was the main storyline (or maybe it just seemed that way to me because I was so enthralled by the ghost stories). And even though I figured out what was going to happen way before it did, I still greatly enjoyed the book, and I did love all of the characters in this one, well the main ones anyway, and I'd love to hear more about them and how their new tavern is doing. The ghost stories in this one were awesome and completely creepy, and after reading the author's note, I'm going to be checking out the LaLauries. I have a weird fascination with things like that even though it creeps me out.