It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village - C.R. Guiliano I felt really bad for Aaron because I feel like Sky only chose him cuz he looked like Jonah, so it's like he was second best. I really didn't like Sky not telling Jonah anything until she was ready to have the baby, but he was also a douche because he knew something was wrong with Sky, and he knew he was spending all his time with Triston, but he didn't do anything about it, and I hated Triston. He seemed a little controlling and weird at the beginning, and Jonah seemed a little bothered by always hanging out with his friends not his own, but he just let it go, and kept dating Triston. And everyone's traumatic past (including Sky's parents and then everyone living together with all the guys being called some form of dad and Sky being called Mommy was just too much for me.