Dazed: The Story of a Grunge Rocker

Dazed: The Story of a Grunge Rocker - Nikki Palomino The characters weren't really likable esp the MC Eric, and I just didn't understand his relationship with Brian. Eric was so hung up on his childhood BF who comes home with his boyfriend, but then Eric meets Brian, and that's it, he wants Brian. There was no build up of their relationship, and it seemed like Eric was really only in it for himself. Their first time having sex was really awful and I felt badly for Brian, but Brian could not have cared less because he was gaga for Eric. The book was overly long, and far too angsty. For me to call something too angsty is pretty unbelievable, but there didn't ever seem to be any happy moments, so the angst didn't work for me because it was all just depressing. Maybe it was realistic for a rocker lifestyle, but for a fictional story, it was boring. I love angst, but there has to be a climax to the story where the MC hits rock bottom and then something good happens and things get better, and that did not happen in this book.