After Ben

After Ben - Con Riley I can't rate this book because I can't decide between 2 and 3 stars. I just didn't get this book. The first half of the book is boring Theo grieving his bf, going to work, and watching his interns flirt. He also chats with Morgan online, but it's really not all that interesting, and I didn't really feel a connection between them from their online chatting. Then Theo does the most ridiculous, douchey thing ever and fires Joel because Theo assumes that Morgan is Joel's age just because they know each other. Never mind the fact that he saw Morgan at the shelter where Joel works. Oh can I also mention he saw Adam there battered and bruised, but couldn't figure out that Morgan was abused?! I didn't think the ending really resolved anything. Considering the book dragged on endlessly, it could have continued just a little longer to have Theo and Morgan talk about everything Theo realized while in Milan. And what the hell happened when Theo was at the shelter to speak with Joel and met Morgan and was all mad about the age gap and all that. That ends a chapter, and the next opens with Theo and Morgan driving to Theo's apartment, and then as soon as the door shuts, they're all over each other. I'm totally missing something there.

OMG Peter. Could he have been anymore annoying? He kept telling Theo he wasn't going to push him, but he did EVERY damn time they got together. He was obnoxiously pushy with someone he didn't really know and who wasn't all that interested in him, and then what was with showing up at Theo's and thinking they'd just pick up where they left off when Theo told him there was someone else?! I just didn't get this book at all.