Acrobat - Mary Calmes 3.5 stars. I was really excited when I figured out this was Duncan's ex that he spoke to in Parting Shot. But I felt like Nate was Jory in this one again, but Nate kind of bugged me. Everyone loved Jory, and in this one everyone loved Nate, which was fine, but I didn't get the flirting and touching the women. Like when Nate hid in that female professor's office, and he was touching her thigh and breathing between her legs?! Just seemed odd for a gay guy. There were some little inconsistencies too because at the beginning Nate thought Dreo was scar and his eyes were always cold and black, but when they bump into each other at the hospital shortly after that, he thinks: Dreo's brown-black eyes were not like any others I had ever seen, and sometimes just for a second, I got lost there. Sometimes means that he's gotten lost in them previously, but he just thought they were always cold and black. Also, Nate hated that Duncan was in the closet when they were together because Nate was out and proud, but I thought when I read Parting Shot that it was mentioned that Nate had to be int he closet at the beginning because of his job. Anyway, at one point Nate was thinking about how he wanted Duncan to acknowledge him and touch him in public, even though Nate isn't a touchy-feely person. But if Nate isn't touchy-feely, then who is because the guy is forever touch everyone. He was always touching Michael, Dreo and pretty much anyone else he was speaking to. I think my problem is I will forever compare these Mary Calmes books to Jory and Sam because they are one of my all time faves.