He Completes Me

He Completes Me - Cardeno C. OK so the sex was hot, and I really liked Aaron except for the fact that he let everyone walk all over him with his inability to say no. I hated Zach at first. I understand why he was being an a$$hole, thinking his family hated him cuz he's gay, but I hated how he treated Aaron when Aaron had been nothing but nice to him, his brother and Kim too. I originally liked Dean and Kim for not going along with the family and being awful to Zach because he's gay, but after reading so many scenes where Aaron was helping take care of their kids while Dean stuffed his face or read the newspaper or whatever, I really had enough of them. I'm not saying postpartum depression isn't awful, but you have to get back on your own two feet at some point, and Kim did have Dean. So I'm just wondering why Kim's feeding one kid or making a plate for one kid while Aaron's feeding the other two and making their plates while Dean just seems to ignore everything going on around him. I wish Zach would have pushed the issue further with his family. I know once Zach moved home Dean and Kim seemed to not be as needy, but I'm still annoyed that Aaron and Zach let it go. And really... Kim wants to be a stay at home mom, when she can't cook or do anything with Aaron?! My only other issue is that the book seemed overly long. I think had Aaron and Zach's little fights about money, moving in together, being in a monogamous relationship, etc. not been spaced so far apart, the book could have been shorter, and it would have been better for me. I kept on reading, wondering what the big drama was going to be and when was it going to come, but it didn't. It was just their little fights spattered throughout the book.