A Red-Tainted Silence

A Red-Tainted Silence - Carolyn  Gray It was hard to decide between 2 & 3 stars for me. I hated the flashbacks, and I thought the story was FAR too slow until Nick took over narrating. Brandon really annoyed me too. I sort of get it cuz he and Nick were very young when all of this started, but why didn't they just call the cops after he saved Nick from Seth and Percy or when the blackmail started?! Why did he so easily forgive everything esp. Nick being married, and why did he apologize for freaking out?! HELLO!!! I'd freak out if I found out the guy I was with was married. He had every right to be upset, not listen and leave, and he shouldn't have been the one to grovel! And why did he just let Nick keep going the first time they had sex, and it was hurting him? Why not just tell Nick?! I know, he was young, inexperienced, embarrassed, and he didn't want to upset Nick, but really to lay there and endure the pain and not say anything but get mad at Nick was just ridiculous. Oh and why were both of them ok with sex after they were clearly raped multiple times?! Neither of them were traumatized and afraid to have sex wit each other?! I would think even though they loved each other, they'd still be afraid.

I just feel like I missed a lot of this story. I think it would have been much better with maybe one flashback with the whole story not the frequent flashbacks cutting in piecemeal. I think the story moved along better and quicker once Nick took over. Why couldn't we have started with Brandon, had him flashback and tell most of the story, then flip back to Nick in the present then his flashback to end with the epilogue?! I just want to know what happened between Steve signing them and them breaking up. When did the blackmail start?! How were they feeling acting, how did Brandon pull away? From the story Nick read that Brandon wrote, it came across as Nick pulling away, but Brandon also blamed himself. It just would have been nice to get the full back story and not pieces with gaping holes in the middle. I would have liked more from Nick. How was he feeling when Brandon started pulling away?! Is that what triggered him to pull away and stop touching Brandon or did he start pulling away before Brandon? I definitely would have enjoyed it more if there was a full history with less of the present or if the history was told them we moved into the present. I did like Nick and Brandon, and I am glad they are together, I just hope they have truly worked out their crap and stay together. Brandon still seemed a little unsure of himself at the end.

Also, I knew who the stalker/blackmailer was about 10% into the book. That was a little disappointing.