Dex in Blue

Dex in Blue - Amy Lane I liked Kane and Dex, but Tommy and Chase are still my faves. This one just didn't have the OMG moment that I loved in Chase in Shadow. I guess I have to admit that I love the drama in my books because Kane and Dex just didn't have the same drama... I don't know how to explain it because I get that they love each other, but it's like a completely different kind of love than Tommy and Chase's. One of the characters in Marie Sexton's Coda books talks about the different kinds of love that he sees in his friends and his own relationship. It's like Chase and Tommy have that very passionate, all consuming love; whereas, Kane and Dex are just steady. Not that they aren't passionate about each other it's just more subdued or personal like they don't need to be constantly all over each other to know how they feel about each other. And that ending where you don't find out whether Mercy has a boy or girl... man I am dying to know just like Kane!

I'm hoping Ethan gets the next book cuz I think he may become my fave although it will be very hard for anyone to take Tommy's place. I'm wondering if John is going to get a book too?!