Sidecar - Amy Lane *Re-read 8/10/14 for Re-romancing the Faves Challenge- *sigh* I miss the 80s. Even though I was a little kid in the 80s, I absolutely loved the music, and I'm still obsessed with 80s pop culture.

The AIDS scare... YIKES! I just recently saw The Normal Heart, and it was so heart-breaking. I'm glad Joe was smart enough to use condoms, and that he taught Casey to use them too.

This book had plenty of angst, which I love, but it also had a few funny moments, like Joe walking in on Casey and Dev, Casey's purple "I'm having sex with Joe" luggage, and Caleb wiping his booger on his mother's pants.

It was nice to see a religious family that was supporting their gay son instead of condemning him, with the exception of Cheryl (That was Joe's bitchy sister's name, right?!) of course. Cheryl was clearly miserable in her life and felt the need to bitch about everything and make everyone else miserable too. Was good to see Casey stand up to her. I hate weak MCs who never stand up for themselves. And we have Joe to thank for Casey having the self-confidence to do so. These two supported each other through everything, and they definitely deserved to be together and be happy.

*Originally read 8/16/12- I absolutely loved this book. I am a big 80s and 90s pop culture fan, so all the references to bands, songs, clothes and movies brought back some great and funny memories for me. And I remember the whole AIDS epidemic even though I was young then. I remember the first time I heard about the disease, and how it became this huge thing, and how scared I was that I could get it and die. I totally understand why Casey and Dev freaked out, and I never actually saw anyone dying from the disease like they did.

This book made me feel the same emotions as the characters as they were going through them. I was on the roller coaster with Casey every time he tried to push Joe, and Joe only turned him down. I get why Joe was saying no at first, but then, like Casey, I got annoyed because why was he using age as an excuse to Casey but then started dating a young woman only about a year older than Casey?! Thank god Joe came to his senses cuz I think I would have wrecked my kindle had Joe and Casey not gotten their HEA! And you have to absolutely LOVE them for taking in Levi especially considering the baby could have any number of issues growing up and how young Casey was at the time and not really knowing if he wanted kids himself, but wanting one bad enough for Joe that it didn't matter. These guys are one of my favorite couples of all time!