Saviours of Oestend

Saviours of Oestend - Marie Sexton This like never happens, but I liked this one a lot more than the first one. I still thought it was a little long, but I loved Cami, and I'm so glad Dante didn't freak out or take too long to get over his shock when he found out her secret. I also like that Cami was referred to as she/her/female through the whole book by pretty much everyone except for a couple of disagreements or discussions. I find it confusing when transgender characters are referred to differently by different people as it makes it hard to keep up or know who they are talking about.

I do wish Simon and Frances's relationship was alittle different, but I can't say I'm surprised after reading The Letter Z. Not everyone in Marie Sexton's books get the HEA I think they should, but it apparently works for them, so I can't be too upset about it.