Play It Again, Charlie

Play It Again, Charlie - R. Cooper From the beginning I just didn't understand either of these characters, and I get the blurb said that Charlie could never ask for what he wanted, but for the love of God, he was what 37, but he acted like a 12 year old. He wanted to be with Will, but instead of talking to him he just assumed Will wasn't serious or that he would leave, so he pushed him away. I hated that I had to keep reading how Charlie wanted to be with Will and wanted him to stay, but he never freakin said it til the end. This book was far too long and dragged this issue out way too long. I totally didn't get Will's movie quotes either, and I didn't get Charlie letting his family take over his life. He needed to tell his self absorbed sister to F off, and he needed to tell his grandma that he wasn't the man when he was a teenager and his parents died, and it wasn't his place to play father for all of his sisters since he was still a kid himself!